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Salt Tablet 25kg Bag

Industrial Swimming Pool Water Treatment
QAR 75
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Brand ChemTech
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Salt Tablets are help to enhance the function of water purifying equipment by converting hard water into soft. They are used for swimming pools to keep the water pleasant. Plants that are set up for water storage also use NaCl tablets. Salt sets the dye in fabric and used to produce glass, polyester, plastics and leather as well as in the chemical industry. Salt assists in cleaning gas and oil wells and in the manufacture of paper, tires, brass, bleach, polyvinyl chloride, plastics and case-hardened steel. In the pulp and paper industry, salt is used to bleach wood pulp. It used in solid, soluble form to produce drugs and medicines. In the oil industry, salt is used to increase the density of mud and soil, which creates a more safe and efficient drilling rig.

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